Turbine defends LotRO class changes

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|10.09.13

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Turbine defends LotRO class changes
Turbine defends LotRO trait changes
Arguably the biggest feature coming with next month's Helm's Deep expansion for Lord of the Rings Online isn't the new landscape, epic story, or big battle system, but the overhaul of the classes and the institution of the new trait trees. Turbine took to the pulpit today to preach about why the devs felt it was necessary to overhaul the system.

There were several reasons given for the class changes. The devs felt that skills were losing potency the more they were added, there were many skills not being used, class builds were too much alike, the combat tempo needed more pep, animation times were sometimes too long, and it was just taking a lot of time for the devs to try to keep everything in balance.

"These are big changes," the devs state. "They take some getting used to. We know this. We also know that for the good of the game and its longevity, we sometimes need to make big changes."
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