Google and NASA make a short film to explain their quantum computing lab (update: video)

Google and NASA made much ado of their Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab when it launched in May, but they said little about how it works or its long-term goals. The two organizations are shedding a little more light on the subject through a new short film for the Imagine Films Science Festival. As Google and NASA explain, the lab could ultimately solve optimization problems that are beyond the scope of traditional computers. NASA may develop a more holistic model of the universe, for example, while Google could improve medicine. The film also provides a rare peek at the inside of one of D-Wave's second-generation quantum computers -- despite the small size of the circuitry, each system needs a giant enclosure that cools the hardware down to near absolute zero. The film is available to watch through The Verge, but those who want to check out the official screening can pay for a $50 festival pass and visit Google's New York City campus on October 11th at 7PM.

Update: The short film is now embedded after the break for your viewing pleasure.