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Microsoft updates its Android app with server-side search, vacation replies

If you're one of those non-conformists who uses Microsoft's email service on an Android phone, you'll definitely want to hit up the source link at the bottom of this post: Microsoft just updated its Outlook app for Android with a bunch of new features, including some that users have been demanding for almost a year now. Chief among them is server-side search, so that you're not just limited to the emails stored locally on your device. To that end, you can now download all of your mail, though, again, you might not need to now that searching Microsoft's mail servers is an option. Continuing on, you can also set a vacation responder from the app, in case you forgot to do it when you were sitting at your desk. Wrapping up, the Android application supports aliases (finally), and there's now a total of 11 color choices for personalizing your inbox. And that about sums it up: the download link is listed just below. Go nuts, kids.