Outlook.com hits 25 million users, gets an Android app to call its own

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Jon Fingas
November 27, 2012 7:58 PM
Outlook.com hits 25 million users, gets an Android app to call its own

Microsoft launched Outlook.com as much to lure Gmail users as to cast off some of its Hotmail baggage, and there's signs the strategies might be working. About 25 million are frequently using Outlook.com four months into its fledgling existence, with a third of total users being curious Gmail fans; neither figure will challenge the webmail status quo, but they reflect how far the service has come since the 10 million of the first two weeks. The company is marking the occasion with faster archiving, more shortcuts and more color themes in the web client. For some, though, the real reason to celebrate may be a dedicated Outlook.com app for Android. While it's not revolutionary (there's clear traces of the Hotmail app), it provides an avenue for Exchange-based messaging on a platform where access still isn't guaranteed. We're not expecting legions to switch to Outlook.com just for these updates, especially not among an Android contingent that has Gmail almost as a matter of course; Microsoft might not mind if the upgrades at least keep existing converts from drifting back.

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