Jennifer Hale to play 'pivotal role' in The Long Dark

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Jennifer Hale to play 'pivotal role' in The Long Dark
Noted video game voice actress Jennifer Hale has signed on to lend her pipes to The Long Dark, Hinterland's survival sim currently chasing funding through Kickstarter. Hinterland hasn't announced exactly who Hale will play in The Long Dark, but promises it's a "pivotal role."

Hale, one of the more well-known voice actresses in video games and animation today, has contributed her voice to over 130 video games. She has voiced characters in Mass Effect, Diablo 3, Metal Gear Solid, BioShock Infinite and many more.

The Long Dark is four days away from concluding its Kickstarter pledge drive and has raised $180,000 CAD so far. The game, which tasks players with surviving in a cold and harsh wilderness after a bush pilot's plane malfunctions and crashes, will launch on PC, Mac and Linux.
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