Microsoft to start showing people's social and career info in Bing results

Back in 2011, the relationship between Microsoft and social analytics company Klout made it possible for some folks to take home a free Windows Phone. In 2013, though, it's all about Bing. To that end, Microsoft's know-all engine will, as of today, begin displaying Klout-verified information inside Bing search results. The new partnership makes it possible for people to share personal tidbits using Bing's Snapshot feature, things like employment history and prominent social posts from Twitter and Instagram. While this integration with Klout goes considerably deeper than that, it'll ultimately be up to each user to determine the amount of details they want shown when someone is searching for them in Bing. You'll need Klout and LinkedIn accounts to create your very own Snapshot -- and let's be honest, we all know how important first impressions on the web can be.