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5.4.1 PTR reveals Crusader Murloc and Hippogryph mount models

Olivia Grace
Olivia Grace|@@oliviadgrace|October 11, 2013 8:58 PM
WoW Insider posted recently about the Murloc mount reward from the BlizzCon ticket and Virtual Ticket, and now our good friends over at Adriacraft have datamined the model, as well as that of the new Hippogryph mount from the still-running PTR. This little guy is just adorable, isn't he? I cannot get over his "special" animation, it's too cute, and his little breakdancing things... I think I'm dying of cute.

As we mentioned at the time, he's available with the Virtual Ticket, which also allows you to livestream and on-demand stream the whole event. Basically you'll have the best seats in the house, while still in, well, your house!

We've also got video from Adriacraft of the new Hippogryph mount, which appears to be called the Emerald Hippogryph -- hit the break to see it.
While it's not as cute as the murloc, it's a good looking mount, using what appears to be fairly similar to the basic Hippogryph skeleton. Still no intel on where it's actually from, alas, but looking at the animations I'm not seeing it being a 2-person mount, which rules out RAF, although it could be a shapeshift like the Obsidian Nightwing. What's your take on it? And Emerald Hippogryph? Emerald? Like the dream?!

EDIT: It looks from the strings that have been added like the Hippogryph may be associated with the Recruit-a-Friend program!

5.4.1 PTR reveals Crusader Murloc and Hippogryph mount models