Walking Dead: Game of the Year Edition rated by ESRB [update]

Whether or not to pick up a GOTY version and relive all those horrors again; that may be the next heart-wrenching choice for The Walking Dead fans to make, going by a recent ESRB rating. The listing notes a Game of the Year Edition that's apparently headed for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Mac. We've reached out to Telltale for comment.

The Walking Dead was one of our favorites from last year, placing third in our Top Ten list after winning and subsequently breaking our hearts. The zombified adventure continued via the 400 Days DLC this summer, and we'd expect that to be included in a GOTY version.

As for the second season, Telltale is teasing more news on that later this month. Last we heard, the next batch of difficult decisions is due sometime this fall.

Update: Reliable Xbox-hound @lifelower unearthed a GameStop listing that has it going for $30. According to that, the GOTY edition includes the 400 Days DLC, the soundtrack, and a behind-the-scenes vid.