Xbox One Friends app gets detailed in video walkthrough

Brian Heater
B. Heater|10.14.13

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Xbox One Friends app gets detailed in video walkthrough

Are you a friend or a follower? In the world of the Xbox One, the distinction is based on reciprocation. Xbox sage Major Nelson has broken down the forthcoming console's Friends app, detailing the distinction between the two groups. As previously stated, friends are a finite resource on the app -- limited to a mere thousand -- while you can have as many followers as your heart desires. A follower becomes a friend when both parties sign on to follow each other, a process that unlocks additional information like when you're online, real-time achievements and other Xbox One related activities. As with social networks like Facebook, you'll be able to control what your followers see.

Friends from the 360 will automatically be ported over, though the gaming luddites on that system will appear as grayed out, smaller icons. An activity feed on the right side of the screen, meanwhile, shows off precisely what your friends are up to in real-time. Check out a video break down of the app from the Major himself, just after the break.

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