You Don't Know Jack goes free on Facebook, mobile

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You Don't Know Jack goes free on Facebook, mobile
Jackbox Games released an update for the iOS, Android, and browser-based Facebook versions of its sassy-molasses trivia app You Don't Know Jack, unlocking unlimited play and free daily access for all players.

Previously, You Don't Know Jack players were limited to a set number of plays per day, with additional sessions unlockable via in-app purchases. The latest update retains the ad-supported model of previous versions while eliminating daily limits. You Don't Know Jack also offers a $2.99 "Royale" upgrade, which unlocks ad-free play and a cornucopia of in-game bonuses.
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Shift to total F2P experience gives players access to more than 300 regular, themed and celebrity guest episodes

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – October 15, 2013 – Independent developer Jackbox Games today announced that YOU DON'T KNOW JACK®, SPIKE TV's reigning 'Social Game of the Year,' will now offer players unlimited, free daily access to all current and new episodes within the social and mobile apps for Facebook, iOS, Google Play and Amazon Kindle.

"Bringing the YOU DON'T KNOW JACK trivia franchise to social and mobile platforms has been an exciting time and we've learned a great deal from the 4.5 million players who've downloaded our apps," said Mike Bilder, GM, Jackbox Games.

"Among our biggest takeaways is that we have a core group of loyal fans who really prefer to play episodically and, when they do play, they engage in much longer gaming sessions than your typical mobile app. With this title update and with more than 300 regular, themed, and celebrity guest episodes already in the app - with more on the way - we're ready to support fans' desire to play the way they want."

After updating their free app, YOU DON'T KNOW JACK players will find all five-question episodes unlocked and free to play with no tokens needed. This includes all special themed episodes and the 17 current celebrity guest episodes (including appearances by Bob Odenkirk, Adrianne Curry and Paul F. Tompkins).

The app will continue to be ad-backed and players will have the option of purchasing the Royale upgrade for $2.99. The upgrade enables ad-free play along with providing the player with a starter pack of "enhancers" and in-game currency for other in-game purchases.

The creative team at Jackbox Games will continue to develop new episodes, and all new episodes will be free to play.

This title update comes on the heels of last month's launch of YOU DON'T KNOW JACK® Party for iOS, the first of several planned "party play" apps. These apps will allow multiplayer live play, without a gaming console, through mobile apps and technology such as Apple's AirPlay.

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Jackbox Games, formerly Jellyvision Games, is a developer and publisher of games on leading consumer gaming platforms. The company is located in Chicago, Illinois.
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