Mutant Football League fails to reach crowdfunding goal line

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Mutant Football League fails to reach crowdfunding goal line
The Kickstarter project for Mutant Football League has concluded, and was unsuccessful in reaching its lofty $750,000 goal. The campaign reached $141,821 thanks to 1,105 backers, a healthy amount for many other crowdfunding projects, but not enough to bring the football game back to life like one of its zombie characters.

Based on the Sega Genesis-era series, Mutant Football League was slated to arrive on PC via Steam, Xbox 360, PS3, iOS and Android. The original game's creator and lead for the project Michael Mendheim wrote in an update on the Kickstarter page that the team "will regroup and figure out a plan (with all of [the backers]) to move things forward and try again." Responses from the developer's closing survey to help dictate the game's direction going forward showed that backers saw the PC version as the most important among the group, and that the game would be better off featuring the overhead, top-down view players are accustomed to.

The developer broke down the costs related to bringing Mutant League Football back on the project page, noting that the $750,000 budget would include $325,000 in full-time salaries, $75,000 in Kickstarter and Amazon fees and $70,000 in business expenses such as licensing fees.
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