Sharp's Chop-Syc prototype asks you to chop veggies on a touchscreen

Sharp's ChopSyc prototype asks you to chop veggies on a touchscreen

Generally, your choice of cutting board comes down to two basic options: wood or plastic. While there are plenty of subcategories (Flexible? Bamboo?), you're generally not presented with a list of specs when it comes time to pick a board for chopping up meat or veggies. If a Sharp intern has her way, however, resolution and processor power will become important choices. Chop-Syc is the brainchild of Siobhán Andrews, the winner of a competition to become a paid intern with the company in the UK. Essentially, it's a tablet with a custom software and a scratch-proof surface designed to be used in the kitchen. In addition to functioning as a surface for slicing and dicing, the tablet includes a recipe manager, a scale and a visualizer to help you measure out (healthy) serving sizes of food, such as pasta.

The tablet itself is embedded in a wooden block to help control spills, and the wireless charging means you shouldn't have to worry about electrocuting yourself with a (very) poorly placed swipe of the blade. For now, Chop-Syc is only a prototype, but Sharp says it may eventually bring the device to market. If we were executives at the company, though, we might just wait to see how Sony's dedicated kitchen tab fares before entering this extraordinarily niche market.