Elite: Dangerous' seventh dev diary divulges alpha, beta plans

Elite Dangerous' seventh dev diary divulges alpha, beta plans

If the recent Oculus Rift announcement has you even more excited to get your hands on Elite: Dangerous, today's new video dev diary has some information you might be interested in, namely a little detail like alpha. In this seventh dev diary, David Braben, founder of Frontier Developments, announced that alpha testing will begin in December. Starting with the combat test build, different aspects of Elite: Dangerous will be rolled out during the alpha phase and then brought all together into a complete package for beta testing. At the end of beta all Kickstarter backers will get the game and have access in their own gamma testing phase before retail release.

In the second half of the diary, Braben answers player questions about topics like mission failure and weapon systems on space stations. You can hear all the answers in the video below.

[Thanks to Peteris for the tip!]