Arts and crafts time invaded by monsters in Paper Monsters Recut

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Arts and crafts time invaded by monsters in Paper Monsters Recut
Arts and crafts time invaded by adorable monsters in Wii U platformer Paper Monsters Recut
Nintendo's Wii U will be getting another platformer this winter to give Super Mario 3D World some company and keep warm through the holidays. Paper Monsters Recut by Mobot Studios is a 2D platformer set in a LittleBigPlanet-like world where everything looks like it's constructed out of ... you guessed it, paper.

The game was first released on iOS devices in early 2012, and subsequently made its way to the PC. Coming soon to the Wii U as Paper Monsters Recut, the reconstructed version will feature new and reworked levels, more enemies and an overhaul to graphics. We'd make a pun about paper here, but that'd be pretty tear-able of us.
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New Wii U Platformer – Paper Monsters Recut

Since the release of Paper Monsters, millions have explored Paper Land and fallen in love with its quirky cast of characters... which is exactly why we're rebooting the series for next generation consoles! Starting this winter with Paper Monsters Recut for Wii U players will experience:

New levels, redesigned levels, space levels. Did we mention new levels?
More power ups, more bad guys, more of everything
Full graphics overhaul; including new lighting, animations, effects, and more
Recut and completely remade for Wii U
Coming this winter from Mobot Studios
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