Netflix could have more paid subscribers than HBO by the end of the year

Netflix likely to eclipse HBO's paid subscriber count in Q3

Netflix is about to pass a milestone by having more paid US customers than HBO, according to a poll of analysts by Bloomberg. The streaming outfit, which was originally a DVD rental service, probably has around 31 million subscribers now stateside compared to 28.7 million for HBO (including free trial accounts, it topped 31 million back in April). The premium cable-TV network isn't standing still, though, expanding video on-demand access to its shows via Google Play. However, Netflix is also reported to be dabbling in cable, and is in talks to pop up on boxes as a service to Comcast and Suddenlink subscribers. We'll have to wait and see if analyst consensus lines up with actual subscriber numbers, but stay tuned -- Netflix will report its earnings and customer numbers by the end of the day.