WSJ: Netflix could come to US cable boxes soon, Comcast and Suddenlink in talks

Over the last few years cable providers have begun rolling out cable boxes with extra features and internet hookups, but almost all of them -- even TiVo, when provided by a cable service -- have been missing access to subscription video apps like Netflix. That could change soon according to a Wall Street Journal report today, that Netflix has renegotiated studio deals that made it difficult to provide the app and is negotiating with cable providers to put it on their boxes. RCN representatives have publicly stated it's asking for Netflix, while the report names Suddenlink and Comcast as two services in talks. Suddenlink has provided TiVo DVRs since 2010 that lack the Hulu Plus and Netflix apps of their retail cousins, while Comcast's X1 platform has built-in internet support, but no video apps to take advantage of it. Additionally, the report mentions that Time Warner Cable and Cox have had discussions about adding a YouTube app, and that Comcast is talking to other services as well.

Netflix has recently worked out deals with providers overseas like Virgin Media and Com Hem, and its app has been a part of Google Fiber TV since it launched. According to the Journal however, a similar rollout in the US faces hangups not only because cable companies may see it as a competitor, but also because of its desire to add them as partners to its OpenConnect CDN. The first may not be much of an issue as providers use it to push high speed internet tie-ins -- something we've heard about before. We'll see how opening up Super HD streaming to all enables the second portion, hopefully having Netflix and other services as an option in more places is something that happens soon.