Random Acts of Uberness: Happily wiping "as long as people are learning"

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Random Acts of Uberness: Happily wiping "as long as people are learning"
Random Acts of Uberness Happily wiping 'as long as people are learning'
Another week, another full report for Random Acts of Uberness. You guys just can't seem to stop being nice to one another. Who knew?

Caught being uber: Zerep, Area 52 (US-Horde) I'd like to extend a thank you to Zerep, <Scorn> of Area 52 (H). He queued for heroic dungeons as a tank, but I zoned in to find a ret paladin in Righteous Fury mode, swinging Hellscream's Decapitator and completely mopping the floor with dungeon after dungeon. Myself and the other DPS knew what a gravy train we were on and "rode his coattails to VP captown," as it was put.

He was happy for the company, and we had a great time, periodically cycling through healers. One of us would scarcely type a warning into party chat that yes, he's in ret, yes, he's tanking, trust us and buckle up -- and Zerep would be off and running, usually doing more DPS than the rest of us combined by a healthy margin. It was a blast, and even with the occasional wipe when we'd bite off more than we could chew, it was still the fastest I've ever capped valor in a week. Zerep was fun, friendly, uber, and a @#$%ing nightmare to see in action. Thanks again for an awesome series of dungeons!

P.S. Thank you for these periodic bursts of positivity in what can be a hostile and cynical community. -- Beeph, <Reprisal> of Steamwheedle Cartel (US-Horde)

Random Acts of Uberness Happily wiping 'as long as people are learning'Caught being uber: Moonesaber, Moonrunner (US-Horde) The Horde guild Deathtacular on Llane is comprised of alts of Alliance toons in Spectacular Death. It's a way for us to see both sides of the game with people we know. Thanks to some people who prefer to play Horde more than Alliance, we're knocking on level 25. The idea that we can have the same guild perks in both guilds has us playing our Horde toons a lot more lately.

We were really close to level 22 last weekend. On Saturday, Oct. 19, several of us decided to hop on our Hordies and run the Headless Horseman to see if we could shove Deathtacular to level 22. Unfortunately, because we're mainly alts, we just didn't have a full group, so we decided to take our chances with a PUG. We got Moonesaber, a belf warlock on Moonrunner server.

More full of optimism than reason, we charged into battle and got smashed. Remember, these are alts, and two of the four of us were playing classes we don't have Alliance-side. [Moonesaber] was more than a bit confused: "I've never wiped on HH. What happened?" So we explained what we were doing, apologized and told her we'd understand if she dropped the group. "Nah. The queue was 45 minutes long. I'm not waiting that long again. We'll get this."

We wiped again, but she was not deterred from leaving. Third time was a charm and, although two of us dropped yet again, thanks to her, we were able to down the horseman. We thanked her profusely for sticking with us, and she asked if the guild had hit level 22. If it hadn't, did we want to go again? She'd stick around and help us. Although tempting, we realized the big XP amount comes with the first running of the day and one of us had to go, anyway.

We just want to publicly thank her again for putting up with us and assisting us. We had to run some other things to hit level 22, but we could not have done the horseman without her assistance and patience. -- The officers of Deathtacular, Llane (US-Horde)

Random Acts of Uberness Happily wiping 'as long as people are learning'
Caught being uber: Kraft, Tichondrius (US-Horde) A few months ago, I was running Maraudon on my baby priest in a random PUG. We hit the last boss, Princess Theradras, and downed her super fast. Then this dropped: the Blade of Eternal Darkness. I thought, oh, cool, a purple, but only greeded on it because I saw dagger and thought it was for rogues and such.

The hunter and the warrior in my group both needed it and the hunter won. Right after doing that, the hunter opened up a trade window with me and gave me the blade! I was confused at first, but I accepted it. The hunter then went on to say that it was a spellcasting dagger and that I deserved it best out of the whole group. I thanked him/her, and everyone dropped group.

After that, I went and looked up the weapon. It was a very rare drop chance and indeed a spellcasting dagger. The hunter didn't have to give it to me; they could have kept it for their selves like many people do with low-level epics, but they still gave it to me! That was just too cool. I just want to thank Kraft from Tichondrius (US-Horde) for being such a great person. You really made my day! -- Elfster, Windrunner (US-Horde)

Random Acts of Uberness Happily wiping 'as long as people are learning'
Caught being uber: Mutske, Lightbringer (EU-Alliance), Flickk and Thedeanage, Bronzebeard (EU-Alliance) Just a quick one really, but something that made my Sunday evening far more enjoyable.

Random Acts of Uberness Happily wiping 'as long as people are learning'I joined an LFR group last night. Initially my partner was going to join me, but he bailed to go and take the dog out. I'm not a big fan of LFR, so I prefer to run it with someone I know, and this left me feeling rather vulnerable and at the mercy of the nastier side of LFR.

I need not have worried, thanks to Mutske of Lightbringer EU and Flickk and Thedeanage of Bronzebeard EU. We had a rollicking good time taking out Galakras and the Iron Juggernaut before Sunday night woes prevented us from getting additional tanks to continue.

Random Acts of Uberness Happily wiping 'as long as people are learning'The whole atmosphere of the raid was dictated from the start by Mutske, who gave simple instructions and kept it lighthearted. Flickk and Thedeanage chatted away with me whilst we waited to start on bosses, and I think the whole thing just helped make it more enjoyable for all. Flick definitely saved my arse more than once too!

Just what you need on a Sunday night, and gave me more confidence to go on and tackle more LFR alone. -- Demeternoth, Terokkar (EU)

Random Acts of Uberness Happily wiping 'as long as people are learning'
Caught being uber: Amaterasu, Bonechewer (US-Horde) These days, everyone wants a one-shot kill and is very wipe-averse. Garrosh on flex isn't a pushover, especially for the target flex players. (No need to flex your epeen if you've killed it on normal/heroic).

Amaterasu was brought in as a DPS pugger into an oQueue flex raid late on Sunday night. He had the achievement for normal, so he clearly didn't really NEED to be in flex. His DPS numbers only reinforced the fact that he was overgeared for it. He wasn't even the raid organizer. However, he ended up picking up the reins of this rag-tag bunch of strangers and, in a very calm demeanor, laid out the strategy. Over several pulls and cycles of new players replacing those who dropped after one wipe, we made good progress through several phases. The entire time, he never lost his cool, never blamed anyone, and was always a good leader.

I unfortunately wasn't able to stay either, as I had work in the morning, so I didn't see a kill. And frankly, that didn't even matter. It was refreshing to see an experienced player take the time to help out some less experienced players with a tough fight. Amaterasu said it himself: "I don't mind if we wipe all night, as long as people are learning." I feel that attitude towards progression and raiding has been lost over the last few years, and I was happy to see there are still some of those people out there. -- Tsyndr, Hyjal (US-Horde)

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