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Exclusive: Aura Kingdom reveals caster classes

MJ Guthrie
MJ Guthrie|October 22, 2013 1:00 PM
Exclusive Aura Kingdom reveals caster classes
Last week you got a glimpse of the melee classes coming to the anime world of Aura Kingdom. But what if you eschew the face-to-face fighting style of melee and prefer to fling fireballs at your foes or offer friends succor instead? Then this week's caster class reveal is for you!

If you enjoy raining magical mayhem down on the heads of your enemies, the Wizard class is right up your alley. On the other hand, if you'd rather be the one to save the day with your healing aid, you can delve into the role of the Bard. Can't quite decide between the two roles? Then become a Sorcerer and do a little of both! Have a look at these three classes in the gallery and then delve into even more details in the dev blogs below.
Role: Healing; Weapon: Harp
Far from being shy and passive musicians, Bards are an integral part of a successful party. They are most often found behind the front lines of battle, strumming rousing songs that heal or bolster their allies with invigorating buffs. When necessary, however, Bards will not hesitate to attack and stun opponents with potent sound waves, transforming their conventionally peaceful lullabies into dangerous melodies.

Role: Damage; Weapon: Staff
Wizards are attuned to all forces of nature, focusing power in their elaborate staves to call upon elemental magic. Adept at tearing apart a single enemy or raining the fury of their spells down on several foes at once, their access to a broad range of elements allows them to capitalize on the weaknesses of any opponent.

Role: Damage, Healing; Weapon: Grimoire
Sorcerers draw shadowy magic from their ancient tomes and grimoires. Calling forth the spectral power sleeping within each page, they conjure up dark spells to raze and torment foes. They also have a limited control over life force, with the ability to drain the health of their enemies and bolster the regeneration and strength of their allies.

Aura Kingdom caster
Aeria's official dev blog

Welcome back, future Envoys! To go along with our latest class reveals, today we'd like to go into the wide world of skill customization! As we've already discussed in the past, versatility is hugely important in Aura Kingdom. Last week we addressed versatility between classes, and this week we're going a step further with the skill choices within each class.

As you level up and explore the world of Terra, you'll unlock "Ultimate Skills" in your skill menu. Ultimate Skills are split up into several tiers, each one augmenting your character in a different way. Some provide passive effects that increase the stat of your choice, while others provide chances on attacks to afflict the enemy with useful debuffs.

Our favorite Ultimate Skills, however, are the ones that actively modify your existing abilities to have completely new effects. For example, the Wizard's first Ultimate Skill tier gives you three options: augment your basic fire spell with either a short stun or knockback effect or add a damage-over-time component to your ice spell. All of these are potent choices, but their relative advantages are situational.

Another interesting example comes with one of the Bard's choices. You could opt to add a damage increase buff to your heal-over-time song, which would strengthen your party's DPS, or you could make it a defense buff when going up against a particularly heavy-hitting boss. Alternatively, you can choose to boost the direct healing output of your AoE heal song instead for more efficient output.

The great thing about Ultimate Skills is that you can freely swap between any of the options in a given tier whenever you're out of combat, making it incredibly simple to tailor your character's abilities to better handle any challenge that you face. Combined with the freedom to change your role with secondary weapons, this allows for almost any group of adventurers to take on any situation! Thanks for reading, and keep your eyes peeled next week for the wrap-up on our class reveals!
Exclusive: Aura Kingdom reveals caster classes