PS4 controller escapes into the Canadian wilderness, partly supports the PS3 (video)

The PlayStation 4 may not reach stores until November 15th, but that hasn't prevented the DualShock 4 from showing up early -- some Canadian Twitter users have spotted the controller at retail stores. While it's not clear that stores are allowed to sell the new DualShock, TheRugbyGodGamer claims that GameStop Canada is letting pre-order customers pick up their purchases. Those lucky few who score gamepads can use their prizes right away, at least. YouTube member Udetto has posted a video (after the break) that shows the DualShock 4 handling PS3 games that support USB input; it's only titles that insist on Bluetooth which aren't compatible. The experience won't compare to that of using the PS4 itself, but it may tide over gamers who can't stand waiting for the Sony console.