Comcast bundle ties HBO, local TV and internet together for just $40 per month, at first

Comcast bundle pushes HBO, internet and not much else for $40 per month

If your ideal TV setup is HBO Go by itself, one option for a setup close to that is being offered by a seemingly unlikely source: Comcast. The "Internet Plus" promo dug up by DSLReports and GigaOm is the closest thing we've seen so far, promising a limited basic channel lineup (varies by area), but local channels are included, HBO (with HBO Go), Comcast's Streampix service and 25Mbps internet, for $40 per month for the first year ($70 per month after). HBO execs have repeatedly referred to the possibility of tying HBO Go to internet services in the way the cable channel latches on to TV packages, and this may be the kind of thing they have in mind. It's still tethered to services pushed by the company's usual partners, and could achieve their goals of getting elusive cord-cutters and cord-nevers to get a taste of the TV life.