Bluetooth certification hints LTE Nexus 4 may live alongside the Nexus 5

While Google and LG look set to launch the Nexus 5 in the coming days, new evidence hints that the pair could be making plans to extend the life of its predecessor. A new filing at the Bluetooth SIG has revealed a listing for LG's E960 handset, otherwise known as the Nexus 4, which quietly gained certification with LTE support onboard. Interestingly, it also highlights the same model number as the original model that received Bluetooth 4.0 certification earlier in year, suggesting that LTE chip hiding inside the Nexus 4 could finally be put to good use, almost a year after the device hit the Play Store. While the listing doesn't provide conclusive evidence of either company's plans, we've heard rumors that the Nexus 4 and $349 Nexus 5 may see a future by each other's side, making for a very compelling Google smartphone lineup in the future.