Bluetooth 4.0 support comes to the Nexus 4, might be headed to stock Android too

The five-month-old LG Nexus 4 just showed up on the Bluetooth SIG for a second inspection. The SIG's site appears to be down right now, but TechTastic took a screen grab which lists the revised handset as supporting Bluetooth 4.0. This is interesting, because up until now the Android Open Source Project hasn't supported this Bluetooth spec or its Low Energy mode, meaning that the original Nexus 4 couldn't use it despite having the necessary hardware. Judging by the appearance of this SIG listing, Bluetooth 4.0 support for stock Android could be announced at I/O later today. Oh, and while we're on the subject of a potentially updated Nexus 4, there have been more sightings of a white version in Dubai (shown above). Ripe for another I/O giveaway?

Update: The SIG is back up, so we've added it as a source link below.

LG Nexus 4 with Bluetooth 40 support shows up on Bluetooth SIG