Pocket $200 for old consoles with new Alienware purchase

It's difficult to put a price on the seven years of memories you've shared with your 60GB PS3, but if Alienware had to take a guess, it'd say all that mushy emotional investment is worth $200 in cold, hard cash. Alienware's trade-in program now includes game consoles, offering $200 for the Wii, 250GB Xbox 360 Slim, 60GB PS3 "fat," 120GB PS3 Slim and 500GB PS3 "super slim" when you buy a new Alienware system.

Consoles have to be fully functional and complete with power adapters. To receive the trade-in cash, first buy a new Alienware PC, then print out a prepaid shipping label via the Trade Up Portal and send in your console. Once it's verified, wait 40 days to receive the money. Last step: Splurge. Or save it, if you're the practical type.

Alienware ran a similar trade-in program in 2007, offering cash for everything from MP3 players to PCs. With the Steam Machines on their way, a shiny new computer could be the way to go for those unimpressed or uninterested in major next-gen offerings.