Random Acts of Uberness: Welcoming a bouncing baby Hordie

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Random Acts of Uberness: Welcoming a bouncing baby Hordie
Random Acts of Uberness Welcoming a new baby Hordie
I once joined a guild in which one of my first experiences was a chat box full of conversation with a player whose spouse had just passed away. When I say "just," I mean it had been less than an hour since her death. Her passing followed a protracted illness and had long been expected. After taking care of the immediate arrangements, my guildmate simply needed a friendly place to keep himself occupied and maintain a sense of normalcy. We were glad to provide that refuge for our friend.

Sometimes our fellow WoW players are the only ones around with whom we can share our real-world joys and sorrows. This week's Random Acts of Uberness begins with the story of another, albeit much happier, life event that occurred in the wee hours of the morning: the birth of a baby Hordie.

New dad: Akeylese, Ravenholdt (US-Horde) Not really so much of an act of uberness but a good story anyway: I have recently started to become interested in PvPing and during a match of Deepwind gorge, I was defending the goblin mine with Akeylese, a tauren warrior. He was quiet at first and wasn't so active. He then apologized and said he had just had his baby at 3:46 a.m. and that he was talking with his guild members about the birth of his daughter.

I congratulated him and we began to talk about the good ol' days of WoW -- what our favorite race was, our favorite expansion, how long we had been playing, etc. We easily won the BG and didn't have to do much, so we got to chat for a while. After the BG, we exited and I was able to whisper him and thank him and congratulate him again. So I want to congratulate him once more on his baby and wish him and his family the best! -- Ashtaron, Elune (US- Horde)

Random Acts of Uberness Welcoming a new baby HordieCaught being uber: Nethervoid, Area 52 (US-Horde) Here is my entry for your column of positivity that always brings a smile to my face -- So let's set the scene: I was on the Timeless Isle, doing my weekly chest runs. Being the recent 90 I am, having only been at the level cap for a few weeks (this is my first 90 ever -- don't judge me). I find the elites guarding the sunken Hozen ship rather hard to defeat. While generally my friends and fellow guildies graciously help me out with that one, I found that they were all either not online or in the new SoO wing that was released today for LFR.

I began to enter the ship, and I asked a random priest for help; however, this priest didn't reply to my whisper, so I figured it was a no. It wasn't until I tried killing one of the cursed Hozen for the key that I realized the priest was healing me! For 10 minutes, while trying to get the cursed (pun intended) key, this great player really helped me out. When he finally had to go, my confidence took a hold of me and I tried to kill a Hozen solo. The priest rushed to my side, healing me while I finally downed it. Keep in mind, my ilevel is 486 so far, slowly chugging along.

So my thanks goes out to you, Nethervoid of Area 52, for the help and kindness you gave me. -- Frostedmoon, <Heroic Nights>, Area 52 (US-Horde)

Random Acts of Uberness Welcoming a new baby Hordie
Caught being uber: Keru, Shadowsong (US-Alliance) LFR, Tuesday, Oct. 23rd: Keru - Shadowsong was one of the tanks in LFR wing 3, The Underhold. I got dropped into the group on my healer after they had wiped at least once with a tank who didn't know the fights but pretended they did. Keru was awesomely patient, because their replacement also didn't know the fights (except on paper) -- though did say as much publicly.

Keru went through and explained every fight for the folks who didn't know them, in detail, and patiently. Spoils cleared in one shot, and Thok in two -- after an almost instant wipe because about half the raid didn't know the fixate mechanic and the dinosaur ran through the middle of us.

Overall, amazing. One of the best tanks I have seen in LFR, and everyone appreciated the effort made to keep things moving smoothly forward. (Also, it was a huge contrast to the tanks in the next segment I dropped into, who were uncoordinated, wiped us several times by both pulling huge groups at the dark shaman and didn't explain even when people asked, unfortunately.) I just want to encourage more folks to be like Keru. -- Thelladmina, Proudmoore (US-Alliance)

Random Acts of Uberness Welcoming a new baby HordieCaught being uber: Gerpino, Magtheridon (EU-Alliance) I bought some gear from him. After a bit of negotiation, we agreed on a price. I asked to drop it slightly so I could afford to gem them but in the end couldn't be bothered to haggle so agreed the price. Gerpino then supplied the gems for them for free which I thought was nice enough.

But then after my raid, I had a mail from him thanking me for buying his stuff -- it got him to 1 million gold. Attached was a load of flasks and potions for my character. Superstar! -- Gang

Random Acts of Uberness Welcoming a new baby Hordie
Caught being uber: Hanelore, Moon Guard (US-Horde) After several hours last night of repeatedly attempting to complete the Spirit of the Storm Lord quest leg of the Wrathion legendary chain without any success on my Horde rogue Baeliene of Wyrmrest Accord, I planned to try again today with assistance from a friend.

Recently I made a friend (somewhat randomly) of a blood elf paladin named Hanelore from Moonguard, and she was the first person I tentatively asked for help. She rallied the troops and next thing I know, instead of waiting on one person to distract Nalak and then reset him, the party she invited me to grew from me and her into a 12-man raid. We met up with another group of 15 that was forming, and a full-fledged Nalak raid appeared before my eyes in less than five minutes from my initial message on the subject.

Most of them were guildies of hers, and they were all very friendly people that came along to help someone they didn't know simply because someone asked, and they were free. So a big thanks to Hanelore and all of her guildies in Condottieri of Moon Guard. -- Baeliene, Wyrmrest Accord (US-Horde)

Random Acts of Uberness Welcoming a new baby Hordie
Caught being uber: Hoplophobia, Ysera (US-Alliance) Being a total nub at the newest LFR (Garrosh), I went in having read the strat and that's about all, but the player above went through all the strategy from start to finish. He did such a good job that we had but a single wipe and smashed Garroth down on the second go. Just like to give a shout-out, as it made the entire raid very happy and there were many thanks being given. -- Rob

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