Belkin announces keyboards, cases and folios for iPad Air, iPad mini

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Belkin announces keyboards, cases and folios for iPad Air, iPad mini

Not to be outdone by rival accessory manufacturer Logitech's recent announcement of new keyboards and cases for the iPad Air, Belkin has announced the new Qode line of keyboard cases for the iPad Air as well as a number of cases and folios designed to protect and enhance the iPad Air and iPad mini.

The Qode line is new, using Belkin's TruType keyboard design for great typing accuracy with a laptop-like feel. At the top of the line is the aluminum-encased Qode Ultimate Keyboard Case (US$129.99), designed for those who are considering using the iPad Air to replace the need for a laptop. Next is the ultra-thin Qode Thin Type Keyboard Case ($99.99), an incredibly thin keyboard cover that looks like it will be one of the lightest keyboards available for the iPad Air. Finally, those who want protection, style and a keyboard can get the Qode Slim Style Keyboard Case ($79.99), which provides a keyboard, a folio case and five different colors -- black, red, topaz, sorbet and purple.

For those who are "just" looking for protection, the Apex 360 Advanced Protection Case for iPad mini ($69.99) is perfect for those who want to play rough, but keep their mini in one piece. The Apex 360 handles the US military's six-foot drop test with ease, and is made of a rubberized material. Next, the FreeStyle Cover for iPad Air ($59.99) is perfect for those who want a thin case and stand. It's available in blacktop, slate and sorbet. And last but not least, the LapStand Cover for iPad Air ($59.99) is perfect for using your new tablet in your lap, and it's available in blacktop, purple and stone microfiber or charcoal, red, cream or sorbet twill.

According to our friends at Belkin, these accessories will be available online at and select retailers beginning in November or December. We'll be doing a full review of several of these accessories as soon as they arrive.

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