Comcast's Xfinity TV Go app to stream live TV from anywhere

Comcast subscribers who want to watch TV on mobile devices won't have to stay at home in the future. The cable provider has confirmed to The Verge that it will soon offer live TV viewing from anywhere through Xfinity TV Go, a rebranded and refreshed version of its Xfinity TV Player app. The software will offer access to 35 live channels, including the BBC, CNN and ESPN. However, it's not certain that viewers will get to stream through any connection. A source for The Verge claims that Comcast will let Verizon customers watch over cellular networks, but there's no mention of similar freedom for others -- you may have to use WiFi if you're not supporting Comcast's preferred carrier. The provider hasn't addressed this rumor, but it's clear that Xfinity TV Go will help Comcast fight off similar live TV efforts from AT&T and other telecom giants.