Compromised Adobe account tally rises to include at least 38 million users

It seems that the initial report of 2.9 million compromised user accounts from Adobe's security breach earlier this month was a mere drop in the bucket. Krebs on Security reports that at least 38 million active users were were impacted by the incident and that the swiped source code included the Photoshop line of offerings in addition to Acrobat Reader and ColdFusion. If you'll recall, the breach nabbed encrypted credit card info as well as a then unknown number of user ID and log-in credentials alongside the aforementioned code. Adobe claims that all customers with a stolen ID have been contacted and that no "unauthorized activity" has been seen with any of the compromised log-ins. Of course, it will take some time to determine the full extent of the damage, but for now, the creative software giant's push to subscription-based releases is sure to take a bigger hit.