Google could start mass production of its smartwatch within months, says WSJ

Google will begin mass production of its smartwatch within months, says WSJ

We've already had an inkling of a Google smartwatch, courtesy of some timely patents, company acquisitions and Wall Street Journal's unnamed sources. The latest gossip points to a launch next year, if the WSJ's contacts are correct, because development on the wearable has apparently reached the point where it "could be ready for mass production within months," and Google is said to have already started talks with Asian manufacturers.

Further details are scarce, but the same source suggests the watch's interface and "personal assistant" functions will be based on Google Now, potentially offering sophisticated voice recognition as well as predicting what sort of information the user will find useful at any given moment, based on the content of their emails and other personal data. None of this makes it clear if we'll see another companion device, like the Galaxy Gear or Pebble, or whether Google will push things forward somehow -- perhaps by incorporating a SIM and running Google Now locally on its own processor. For the sake of the whole wearables trend and our own selfish desires, we kinda hope it's the latter.