RIFT merges away English EU servers, then adds another one

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|10.29.13

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RIFT merges away English EU servers, then adds another one
Pictured: Community management..
Remember when RIFT merged servers recently? You might not have noticed, but it also eliminated the last server in the EU region flagged as for roleplaying. The players protested and tried to save that bastion of roleplaying, but the decision was made and the axe fell. So it was that the game's new server list was created, and everyone could rest easily knowing that this group of servers was a stable configuration.

And then another English server was added to the mix.

According to Trion Worlds the addition of the new server will help to reduce lag and stabilize the cluster in response to increased demand on the servers. Many fans are quite upset that the game removed the last roleplaying server and then simply opened a new one, although it's unclear whether or not the population on that server would have matched the population expected on the new non-roleplaying server.

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