Dreamfall Chapters dev wins grant for Norwegian horror game

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Dreamfall Chapters dev wins grant for Norwegian horror game
Dreamfall Chapters dev wins grant for 1920s horror game
The Norwegian Film Institute has awarded Red Thread Games a $144,000 grant which will fund the developer's next project, a first-person survival horror game dubbed Draugen.

Inspired by Scandinavian legend, Draugen is set at some point during the 1920s amongst the mountains and fjords that make up Norway's west coast. Players assume the role of an American nature buff who travels to the area to study its flora and fauna. Beyond this, scant details are known, though a hint at the game's content can be found in its title. "Draugen" is a Norwegian word most commonly used to refer to the undead - specifically ghosts, though the term's colloquial use is broad enough to cover a wide range of creatures who prefer spooking people to mouldering in the grave.

This grant is a double-edged sword for fans of Red Thread Games. The developer states that this money will allow it to form a new development team, specifically devoted to the creation of Draugen. Dreamfall Chapters, the developer's other, much-anticipated adventure game project remains in development, but will not be aided by any of this grant money. There's still no official word on when we can expect Dreamfall Chapters to make its public debut, though Red Thread plans to reveal more information on the game's characters "before Christmas."
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