In Heavenly Sword's name, the first trailer for a CGI movie [update]

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In Heavenly Sword's name, the first trailer for a CGI movie [update]

Six months ago it was a footnote to the Ratchet & Clank movie's announcement. Now the Heavenly Sword film has a full-blown trailer and is really rather real, apparently. Yes, it does seem bizarre that an IP neglected by Sony since it was a 2007 PS3 game is being converted into a CGI movie. Nonetheless, that is what's happening, and the film will be shown at "some theaters" in the coming summer, before heading to DVD.

Blockade Entertainment's movie stars the very recognizable likes of Anna Torv (Fringe), who voiced Nariko in the game, Alfred Molina (all the best films), and Thomas Jane (The Punisher), as well as Nolan North (all the games) according to an IGN interview.

The interview also revealed Andy Serkis, who acted in and provided motion-capture for the Ninja Theory game, wasn't available. That's a precious shame, but by the sound of things the film will at least tie closely to the game's plot, albeit with one "major deviation."

"In the game you never actually get to see the true 'chosen one' because he was never born," producer Brad Foxhaven told IGN, "In the film, though, we introduce him-and give Nariko the task of getting the Heavenly Sword to him. This creates a driving element through the second act of the film, and places even more pressure on Nariko when everything falls apart."

Update: According to the PlayStation Blog, "The Heavenly Sword film is slated to be released digitally worldwide, as well as theatrically in select global markets, in Spring 2014."
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