The Queue: Happy Cow-loween

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Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Sarah Pine (@ilaniel) will be your belated host for today.

It's been years since I watched Revolutionary Girl Utena, and I've been dusting off my old DVDs to give it another go. The show is delightfully (and sometimes disturbingly) weird, and there is no character who is more representative of its bizarre humor than Nanami. In this scene, she turns into a cow. As you do.

Erik4 asked:

Q4TQ: So what's up with WoW Mega Bloks? Are they discontinued? I loved collecting those. Bought almost every one. I was really looking forward to Draenai and Garrosh and a dragon mount.

As far as I know, the WoW Mega Bloks line has not been discontinued. Their latest update was from SDCC earlier this year, but long gaps between updates are nothing new for them. I'd look for them at BlizzCon, they typically have a booth and that is the logical venue for them to debut new products.

ralos asked:

Questions for the que 'Tip: Nobody has seen Alleria and Turalyon..'Displayed for me today idk if it's ever came up but this has to be proof of the next xpac?!

Alas, no, it is not. As other commenters have pointed out, that tooltip has been there for literally years as a tongue-in-cheek response to the fact that once the official Story Forums launched they were pretty much immediately inundated with people questioning or bringing up the mystery of Turalyon and Alleria's whereabouts. There have also been a number of questions about them at the various WoW lore panels through the years, and Blizzard's responses to them have always been pretty cagey. "Wow, yeah, you're right, Alleria and Turalyon sure have been gone a long time, isn't that a thing!"

It sure is a thing! It would be great if we could see them again soon, or ever, really, but given Blizzard's track record on this I wouldn't hold my breath about Alleria and Turalyon, unfortunately.

Krastanof asked:

Q4tQ: If you (or anyone else at WoW Insider) had to make the most hilarious prediction about the script for the Warcraft movie, what would it be? No limits, anything goes! Shoot! :)

Following the Stormwind High Lions' complete homecoming game rout at the hands of their arch rivals, the Draenor High Horde, team captain Varian Wrynn is even further humiliated when Horde captain Blackhand burns his parents' house to the ground! With nowhere to go, Varian is forced to move in with his his old friend Arthas, who just can't stand to see his buddy Varian so down in the dumps. When Arthas' neighbor Uther's high school team smashes the Draenor High Horde and locks up their players in the basement, both Arthas and Varian see it as the perfect opportunity to head back to Varian's hometown and help sweet freshman Tiffin reclaim the Homecoming Crown from evil senior Katrina Prestor. What awaits the two of them on their epic teenage roadrip? We'll find out!

NathanO asked:

Tough Q: Which 5.4 eng pet is your favorite, Rascal or Pierre? Why?

Pierre. Because he has an adorable curly iron cookstove moustache!

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