Twitter for iOS adds in-line video and image previews

In version 5.1.2 of the official app, Twitter users can view picture and video previews directly in their timelines, instead of having to click a link to be taken to the preview as in past versions of the app.

In addition to the image and video previews, Twitter has also made it easier to interact in conversations by adding action buttons, such as reply and retweet directly in the timeline.

This update includes enhancements to Tweets in the home timeline.

Be a part of the moment.
•Tweets with Twitter photos, Vine videos and other select content now show a preview in your home timeline. Tap the image to reveal the full screen version. Tweet a picture without text, and let the image say it all.

Joining the conversation just got easier.
•You can reply, retweet, favorite or follow someone straight from a Tweet in your home timeline.

Note: You can switch off Tweet previews in "Settings."

Twitter for iOS is a free download.