Xbox One's Snap multitasking feature demonstrated with Killer Instinct and IE (video)

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The Xbox One's launch is moving ever closer, but we still have yet to see many of its vaunted software features running live in the wild. While there are a number of stories about why that is (unfinished / buggy software, licensing issues etc.), this video taken on a dev kit shows the console's "Snap" multitasking feature at work. Posted by Game On Daily, the video (embedded after the break) shows a user navigating through websites using Internet Explorer on a side window while taking a break from Killer Instinct. The description says it's from an Xbox One devkit, and it's not clear how recent the software build shown is -- according to Microsoft's Albert Penello it's an old build, games no longer get squished and current builds are "way faster." Things seem to work quickly and smoothly, flashing from the game, to the browser playing a YouTube video, to the dashboard and back again, although the game is unceremoniously squashed to the side.

For a more polished and packaged impression of what multitasking can do, there's also the demo video recently posted by Machinima (also included after the break), showing its "wingman" feature in action. A Snap feature that's apparently optimized for certain titles including Dead Rising 3, it brings relevant game tips and info to the TV screen while you play, and can be controlled by voice commands with Kinect. We'll have to get our hands on the final hardware to see what this feature brings to real life gaming experiences, so for now these videos will have to do.

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