Wonderbook gets more Harry Potter, dinosaurs, detectives on Nov. 12

We'll explain the header image in a moment.

Wonderbook's library is expanding three times its current size on November 12, adding Book of Potions, Walking with Dinosaurs and Diggs Nightcrawler. The first and only Wonderbook game, Book of Spells, launched in December – even though it takes place in a Harry Potter universe designed for younger players, we had a blast crafting charms.

Book of Potions also stems from Harry Potter's Wizarding World, complete with a new character written by JK Rowling and a Potions Championship tournament. Book of Potions links up to Pottermore accounts, just as Book of Spells did. It will be available in a bundle with the Wonderbook peripheral for $30. There's no mention of a download or game-only option.

Diggs Nightcrawler was announced with Wonderbook at E3 2012, and it stars a cartoonish bookworm detective. It is listed for $15, download only. Walking with Dinosaurs is a partnership with BBC Worldwide, available as a bundle with Wonderbook or as a download.

As for our choice of header image: Who would be better at mixing up potions than Walter White and Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad? We can see it now. Book of Potions, bitch.