Newly-launched PS3 version of Redbox Instant has unique feature: Movies With Balls

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PS3 version of Redbox Instant has unique feature Movies With Balls
Redbox Instant by Verizon, the digital extension of the Redbox video rental service, has come to PlayStation 3, the PlayStation Blog has announced. An $8 subscription to Redbox Instant will allow PS3 owners to stream videos from the Redbox library, and will also grant four DVD rentals per month from Redbox kiosks. For an extra dollar, subscribers can upgrade to Blu-ray discs. Even without a subscription, users can purchase or rent digital videos - they just won't be streaming.

Rebox Instant also boasts a unique feature for PlayStation called The Playlist, which features a curated selection of movies based on themes like "Stuff Blowing Up," "Beards On Film" and "Movies With Balls." We'd write a joke about these titles, but what more can be said? Movies. With. Balls. The Playlist is only available to subscribers.

Redbox Instant came to Xbox 360 in March, and required a Gold subscription to access. The PS3 version does not require a subscription beyond paying for Redbox Instant itself.
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