Apple to build manufacturing facility in Arizona, create 2,000 jobs in the process

It's no secret that Apple's investing in stateside manufacturing, considering its jet engine-like Mac Pro is being assembled in the great state of Texas, but it looks like Cupertino is getting even more serious about building things in the US. Arizona has just announced that Cook and friends will be opening their latest manufacturing facility in Mesa. The center is expected to create at least 700 jobs in its first year, and another 1,300 spots for construction workers. There's no peep from either camp on what exactly the plant will churn out, but a company by the name of GT Advanced Technologies is talking. The outfit's revealed that it'll help Apple produce a sapphire material in the state. Since iPhone cameras and the Touch ID sensor each use sapphire glass, its likely the factory will be providing parts for those specific components.

Update: Apple's given us a statement regarding its future digs in the Copper State, and it turns out the complex will be completely powered by renewable energy from the day it opens. Head past the break for the firm's note.

We are proud to expand our domestic manufacturing initiative with a new facility in Arizona, creating more than 2,000 jobs in engineering, manufacturing and construction. This new plant will make components for Apple products and it will run on 100% renewable energy from day one, as a result of the work we are doing with SRP to create green energy sources to power the facility.