Apple details iPhone 5's new camera: 8MP, 'same as iPhone 4S but thinner'

Apple's got a new camera in its brand new iPhone 5: 8-megapixels with a 3,264 x 2,448 backside-illuminated sensor, five-element lens, and f/2.4 aperture sits on the rear of the new device. "Same as the iPhone 4S, but thinner." 25 percent thinner in fact, to match the now slimmer iPhone. The branding remains the same -- it's still the iSight -- but a few new bells and whistles have been added alongside the thinning. A new dynamic low light mode, for one, and a fancy sapphire crystal cover. The phone's new A6 processor also helps out, offering a "smart filter" for better color matching, as well as speedier capture and still capture during video.

In terms of functionality, there's a new panorama mode, that allows picture stitching for multiple images into one larger shot (a whopping 28 megapixels in total) -- it looks like the 4S is getting this function as well, though it's unclear if it'll be via iOS 6 or what. Photo sharing is also getting expanded, adding more social functionality -- images can be shared with multiple friends or family members, and then those folks can comment.

But you only care about video, don't you? You'll be glad to hear that it's getting expanded as well. The rear camera still offers 30fps 1080p HD capture, albeit with better image stabilization. The front facing camera now features 720p video for all your extreme close-ups. Speaking of FaceTime, it will be available via LTE on the iPhone 5. But on all mobile networks? We're not so sure just yet.

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