Become an alien on the run in retro-inspired Paradise Lost: First Contact

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Become an alien on the run in retro-inspired Paradise Lost: First Contact
Extraterrestrial platformer Paradise Lost makes First Contact with Kickstarter
Puzzle platformer/telekinetic alien simulator Paradise Lost: First Contact is up now on Kickstarter, and unlike its creepy-crawly protagonist, it's hit the ground running. Asthree Works' debut game is fast approaching the halfway mark for its $70,000 goal, and that's after just three days of funding.

Paradise Lost turns players into Subject W, a pixelated life form that's trying to escape from an Earth research lab. It openly draws inspiration from a number of well-known series like Metal Gear, Castlevania, Metroid, and Oddworld, all of which is very much palpable in the first trailer. If those inspirations translate into being able to spawn miniature clones to turn off security cameras, or take on jets of fire by metamorphosing part of yourself into a flame-resistant shield, then I'm all for them.

Should it achieve funding, Paradise Lost: First Contact is set to touch base with Steam by December 2014, docking on PC, Mac, and Linux. At this rate Spanish studio Asthree may already be looking to a list of stretch goals that culminates in console versions. Get to the $200,000 mark and the game will come to PS4, PS3, and Vita, while $250,000 will unlock a Wii U version with GamePad-specific controls.
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