The Simpsons pokes fun at Siri

Oh, Siri. We love you, but you sure are easy to make fun of. Your words can be twisted and tweaked to mean things you didn't intend, and your monotone delivery has an instant comedic quality. And that's probably why The Simpsons decided to have a bit of fun at your expense. The clip -- which we've embedded below -- features a totally not-copyright-infringing iPhone clone and a virtual assistant named Siri. Siri misunderstands a command, an unfortunate deletion of contacts occurs and hilarity ensues.

Series creator Matt Groening isn't exactly a stranger to lampooning Apple -- an entire episode of the recently concluded Futurama was dedicated to the "eyePhone." Called Attack Of The Killer App, the episode featured not only a futuristic communications device, but also a legion of helpless fans devoted to purchasing anything and everything the company offered. Sound familiar?

[via CNET]