Amped Wireless gets into the streaming audio market with BTSA1 Bluetooth adapter (video)

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Daniel Cooper
November 5, 2013 11:45 AM
Amped Wireless gets into the streaming audio market with BTSA1 Bluetooth adapter (video)

What do you do when you've conquered the nuclear-powered WiFi market? Well, if you're Amped Wireless, you stray across into the world of audio. The company is releasing the BTSA1, a chunkily-named Bluetooth audio adapter that packs in the same range-extending tech that you'll find in Amped's other products. Looking like an RTA15 that's been shrunk in the wash, you'll find a connect button on the front and both 3.5mm and RCA ports on the rear. You can use either to hook up to your speaker setup, and the company promises that it'll offer double the range of existing Bluetooth audio adapters. In a test, side-by-side with Logitech's $40 Wireless Speaker Adapter, at least, that claim is true, and we found that we were able to stream music from the other end of a three-story house before the signal dropped. You can pre-order the BTSA1 for $70 ready for its launch on November 13th, and if you do, you'll also get two months' free subscription to Rhapsody to keep your ears entertained.

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Amped Wireless Keeps the Beat Flowing with Long Range Wireless Audio Streaming to any Speaker from any Bluetooth Device

Introducing the BTSA1, the first high power, Bluetooth speaker adapter with two times the range of traditional speaker adapters and Rhapsody's unlimited music streaming services for two months

Chino, CA – November 5th 2013 – Amped Wireless, the leading manufacturer of high power, long range wireless communication products for the home and office, today announced the launch of the BTSA1 Long Range Bluetooth Speaker Adapter, a device that allows users to wirelessly stream audio to any speaker system from any Bluetooth-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet or computer. The BTSA1 is one of the first available speaker adapters with multi-room streaming capacity, and through a new partnership with Rhapsody comes two months of unlimited music with purchase.

The BTSA1 features 3.5mm and RCA audio jacks to connect to any speaker, such as a computer speaker, shelf speaker or high-end home audio receiver. Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device, the BTSA1 streams high quality audio effortlessly between the Bluetooth device and the attached speaker. Through the use of a high power Bluetooth amplifier, a low noise amplifier, and a high gain antenna, the BTSA1 is able to stream music up to two times further than standard Bluetooth speaker adapters, allowing for multi-room coverage and streaming capabilities. With the BTSA1 the sound quality is superior, even at longer distances, with no audio jitters.

"Most Bluetooth speaker adapters and receivers feature very short range and restrict the user to the same room as the receiver. By adding our award winning high power technology to the latest Bluetooth technology we are able to provide users with the freedom of roaming throughout their home while streaming their music to their favorite speakers from their mobile device," said Jason Owen, CEO of Amped Wireless.

The BTSA1 installs effortlessly, with a simple plug and play setup. Plug the Speaker Adapter into any speaker using the included high quality 3.5mm or RCA audio cable, pair the Speaker Adapter with your Bluetooth-enabled device and begin streaming music.

The BTSA1 has a retail price of $69.99 and is available for pre-order from the Amped Wireless store. It will begin shipping to customers November 13th, 2013. It will be available at major brick & mortar retailers and online retailers in late November.

Amped Wireless has teamed up with Rhapsody to offer two months of unlimited music with the purchase of the BTSA1. Rhapsody music service gives members unlimited on-demand access to more than 20 million ad-free songs. The BTSA1 packaging will include a coupon code inside of the box. For more information and purchasing, visit:

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Amped Wireless gets into the streaming audio market with BTSA1 Bluetooth adapter (video)