Torque Audio outs a new set of interchangeable TorqueValves for custom tuning its in-ear headphones

Torque Audio outs a new set of interchangeable TorqueValves for custom tuning its inear headphones

Fresh off the release of its t103z in-ear headphones, Torque Audio took the stage at Expand NYC to announce another color-coded customization add-on for the audio wares. In the coming months, the outfit will release three more TorqueValves for tweaking those earbuds to fit personal sensibilities and even specific genres. The $180 t103z model comes with three of the interchangeable valves in the box for reference, bass boost (Deep Valve) and crisp highs (Clear Valve) to cover a broad spectrum of listening. This new set of three includes the Balance Valve for a mix of beefy lows and punchy highs, the Smooth Valve for rhythms and the Bliss Valve for enhanced vocal reproduction. Priced at $20 per pair, the trio expands Torque's interchangeable valve collection that will be available as a full set only with the upcoming t106z model.

We had a chance to briefly test all six and were pleasantly surprised that each one offered a recognizably unique sound. From one pair of valves to the next, the difference was immediately apparent and the units were quite easy to swap out when needed. Overall clarity in sound was noticeable pretty quickly as well, keeping the track from being muffled across the full gamut of TorqueValves. Truth be told, this editor preferred the Balance Valve for its nice mix of bass and treble. To improve the overall feel of the headphones, a pack of TorqueTips will soon serve up a range of sizes and softness across nine pairs of the actual buds themselves. This allows for not only replacing those pesky lost covers, but also being able to adapt to different listening situations should the need arise. For a closer look at the t103z in-ears, peek at the gallery just down below.