Massively Exclusive: Jade Dynasty Regenesis preview

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|11.13.13

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Massively Exclusive: Jade Dynasty Regenesis preview
Massively Exclusive Jade Dynasty Regenesis preview
Jade Dynasty, that colorful free-to-play MMO from Perfect World, has a new expansion on the way, and we have the full scoop.

Called Regenesis, the expansion will greatly grow Jade Dynasty's portfolio, including a new Etherkin race, a pair of additional classes, graphics updates, alliance bases, and a reworked beginner experience. You can get all of the details for Regenesis straight from Perfect World's mouth, including the lore, after the break.

Massively Exclusive Jade Dynasty Regenesis preview
Jade Dynasty: Regenesis story brief from Perfect World

While searching for his beloved Bilu's lost memories, tormented hero Velonus has thrown the world into chaos. The idyllic town of Sunstream was destroyed, and a magical vortex pulled the Etherkin, a race from another dimension, to Earth.

The human, Athan, and Etherkin races have all set up towns near the ruins, in the floating islands, and in the belly of a stone whale. Sunstream has been rebuilt, but mysteries remain: Who stopped Sunstream from being completely annihilated? And the Etherkin may have helped rebuild Sunstream, but what do the Kytos and Psychea tribes intend to do?

As a new era dawns, the call has gone out for adventurers. Every faction and tribe is mustering after the devastation. Adventure awaits, and every story begins in a small town called Sunsteam, protected by the power of the Regenesis sword...

Jade Dynasty: Regenesis features
  • New Etherkin race to play and two new factions (classes) you can be: the Psychea and Kytos.
  • Sprawling new starting zone. All three races' starting zones plus the hub city of New Sunstream are in the same map.
  • Alliance bases (Alliances are up to 200+ players)
  • Reworked starting experience. The starting quests have been reworked to be more engaging and to showcase the game's arcane, colorful maps.
  • New instances and updates to old instances.
  • Updated graphics engine, allowing for improved foliage interaction and better lighting on water.
  • The Pyschea and Etherkin tribes are part of the Etherkin race.
  • Note that Jade Dynasty has a strong PvE scene, but the heart is its PvP.

Massively Exclusive Jade Dynasty Regenesis preview
The Psychea Tribe
  • Childlike appearance.
  • Weapon of choice: An oversized calligraphy brush, which doubles as a tool for summoning traps and Psyteks.
  • Three major playstyles. These can be mixed and matched.
  • Playstyle #1: Zone control. The Psychea can summon traps, be they pools of ethereal power or motion-activated explosives. With a little time to set up, the Pyschea can establish complete dominance over a zone.
  • Playstyle #2: Psyteks. The Psychea can summon and ride mech-like Psyteks, functioning like stances. Summoning and maintaining the Psyteks costs Spirit but unlocks certain skills.
  • Playstyle #3: Summons. The Psychea can bring clockwork minions to the battlefield.
The Kytos Tribe
  • Brutish centaurs; take their inspiration from the Kirin mythological beast. They are gender-locked to male.
  • Weapon of choice: spear.
  • Rather than casting spells using spirit like other factions, they cast with health. Dealing damage builds fury, which plays into boosting some of their spells.
  • They also have a transformation that lets them serve as mounts for other players.
  • Their playstyle is very mobile, and very durable. They are bruisers who disrupt the enemy, charging straight through the front lines to reach the squishy targets.
  • They have a variety of buffs to help them absorb damage and draw aggro.
  • They're one of the few classes with a reflect self-buff to perfectly reward drawing enemy fire by throwing it back at them.
  • They have some flat speed buffs, but also some charges, including one that locks down the target after arriving.
  • Many of their attacks are AoE, so they're served well by charging in and maximizing the number of targets in range.
  • One of their top-tier powers takes this to the logical extreme: Unlike most spells, it doesn't lock down your mobility, so you keep running through their lines as you spin your spear in a fiery spin attack.
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