Xbox One demos distracted driving in Forza 5 with web browsing and live TV (video)

If you can't get enough videos of the Xbox One's fancy new features, Microsoft has another one for you. In the latest footage, Redmond's Yusuf Medhi shows off the next-gen console's multitasking while doing laps around one of Forza Motorsport 5's more dreary tracks. A few quick voice commands is all it takes to bring up Internet Explorer, ESPN and his friends lists' activity feed along the right side of the screen, automatically pausing the game while doing so. It seems to work without skipping a beat, but we're curious to see if it does that in our own living room. Perhaps most importantly, the clip gives us a peek at how badly watching SportsCenter (or other live TV) could affect our virtual driving. If our racing skills are anything like Medhi's, it won't be pretty come November 22nd .