$25 Google Glass hack uses 3D printed webcam mount to let you play Mario with your eyes

We're not entirely sure Google would give the thumbs up to everything detailed in the below video by University of Maryland PhD student, Brandyn White. But hey, any video about Google Glass that includes the phrase "you can even use a banana" will generally pique our interest. There's a lot of cool stuff in the below video, but the long and short of it is a $25 hack involving a webcam mount printed on a Formlabs Form 1 that brings pupil-tracking to Glass's portfolio of control inputs. That means an alternative control method for those times when you can't use your voice (the library, for example) or hands (the common example of climbing a tree while wearing Glass as outlined in the video). Naturally, White uses his newfound abilities to play a bit of Super Mario. That probably would have been our first choice, too, Brandyn.