DayZ footage may upset YouTube comment experts

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|11.17.13

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DayZ footage may upset YouTube comment experts
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Heads up, DayZ fans, creator Dean "Rocket" Hall has posted a new eight-minute video showcasing the current state of the zombie sandbox's pre-alpha build. As the video's disclaimer notes, the footage "may deeply trouble experts who post YouTube comments. It has not been approved by marketing and contains disturbing scenes such as poor FPS, floating loot, bad lighting, placeholder sounds, and many more bugs that obviously never occur in game development and therefore the project is completely doomed."

Assuming you can get past all those gory details, you'll see some up-close-and-personal zombie killin' as well as exploration elements. "Our focus is on getting the alpha out, Hall says, "which means focusing on multiplayer [server] performance." Click past the cut to watch the clip.

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