Farming Simulator makes hay on PS3/360 today, FS14 out now on mobile

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Farming Simulator makes hay on PS3/360 today, FS14 out now on mobile

Giants Software's down-home blend of wheat-harvesting, livestock-breeding action makes its PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 debut with today's digital and retail release of Farming Simulator. This week also marks the release of the latest series entry, Farming Simulator 14, for iOS and Android devices.

Farming Simulator has remained a staple on PC platforms since 2009, though the series didn't make the jump to consoles until recently. Giants Software tested the waters with a PlayStation Vita digital release in July, and the Xbox 360 version saw an early launch in Europe and Australia earlier this year.

Despite its niche appeal, the Farming Simulator series is supported by a dedicated community on PC platforms, with many users taking advantage of its modding capabilities to add new vehicles and other in-game elements over the last several years. Giants Software revealed that it will release many of Farming Simulator's most popular user-made creations as downloadable content on consoles.

The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Farming Simulator launch today at $29.99. Trophy hunters take note: you can earn an easy gold trophy by starting up your tractor, cracking open a beer, and honking 100 times.
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