SmartGlass for Xbox One reaches Windows Phone a few days early (update: Windows 8.1 too)

As the ancient proverb goes: a next-gen console ain't no next-gen console without next-gen mobile apps. We can't remember who said that exactly, but it's impossible to forget what's built into the new Xbox One SmartGlass app. After all, Microsoft's been hyping everything you'll be able to do with that second screen for months now. In preparation for the One's launch later this week, the companion app has (unsurprisingly) landed first in the Windows Phone store. As you'd imagine, it's basically useless, but you can still download it, sign in and poke around the limited UI should you wish. We expect the new version to show up in the App and Play stores in due course, but perhaps this debut appearance will remind Sony that Windows Phone users like apps, too.

Update: It appears that Microsoft not only released the SmartGlass app for Windows Phone today, but the folks in Redmond unveiled the Windows 8.1 version as well. So now that Microsoft fans can get SmartGlass on any of their devices, the only thing remaining is to get their hands on that lust-worthy console.