Coin eight-in-one Bluetooth credit card adds security features, boosted pre-order availability

Judging by the millions of YouTube views since it launched just last week, there's quite a bit of interest in Coin. The Bluetooth-enabled swipeable lets you add in identifying info from up to eight individual credit, debit, membership, loyalty and gift cards, and comes along with companion Android and iOS apps that boost functionality. While the applications enable you to save detailed card info for online purchases, push additional payment methods to Coin and access the Bluetooth-powered leash that will send an alert if you walk away without your card, the device works independently as well.

The company is announcing some additional security features today that should serve to ease at least some fraud concerns. Coin will include an "alarm" that tracks the number of times the card is swiped and sends an app alert if it suspects unauthorized use. It can also be locked to just one card before you hand it over at a store or restaurant, so a clerk can't accidentally (or deliberately) swap cards before swiping. Reps also responded to 50 questions on a new Q&A page, addressing additional security-related and function queries, including ATM compatibility (yes, it will work), photo ID storage (uh, no) and chip and pin support (not yet, but it's in the works). The firm is also releasing additional cards for pre-order, so if you want to get in before the price jumps to $100, there's still time to hand over 50 bucks (plus $5 shipping) at the source link below.