Wargaming fans celebrate World of Warplanes launch from a mountain, for some reason

World of Warplanes

Seven World of Warplanes fans have combined their love of digital high altitude acrobatics and actual, real-life high altitude adventuring to celebrate the game's recent launch. The team trekked into the Himalayas reaching altitudes as high as 5,000 meters, stopping for World of Warplanes breaks along the way.

Although it's not the first time we've climbed in the Himalayas, this expedition has been an amazing and special journey for us all. We've broken several new trails, which was a hard, but satisfying, experience. On our way upward, we stop to get some rest and play World of Warplanes.

The team planted a World of Warplanes flag on one of the peaks, which we assume means Wargaming now owns Mount Everest.

[Source: Wargaming press release]